Hollis Brown


Born and bred in New York City, Hollis Brown embarked on a pilgrimage to Nashville to capture their authentic sound. They shacked up for two weeks in the backyard cabin/studio of producer Adam Landry (Deer Tick, Middle Brother), and found themselves. They recorded everything live, straight to analog tape. The result was a warm, vintage sound that displays the band’s explosive live energy. Their new EP,Nothing & The Famous No One, takes the listener back to that cabin to experience the raw vibe, smell the smoke, and feel alive.

“Hollis Brown makes music that sounds just as alive today as it would’ve in 1966 and will 40 years from now” - SPIN

“A terrific band… gaining recognition for their bluesy rock songs that pack a lot of soul and their intense live performances” - The Huffington Post

“Hollis Brown: Meat and Potatoes Rock ‘N Roll ain’t dead” - Mojo

“Their well-crafted songs are rooted in the blues and feature pop hooks that sink in and don’t let go” - CMT



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