Cris Jacobs


After 10 years fronting the Baltimore based band, The Bridge, Cris Jacobs continues to show his depth and range as a gifted musician with the Cris Jacobs Band. This line-up of stellar musicians is a perfect complement to Cris’ deeply expressive vocals, gritty guitar playing, and poignant songwriting. Cris Jacobs Band features the upright bass wizardry of Jake Leckie, the textured drumming of former The Bridge band mate Mike Gambone, the beautiful pedal steel guitar work of Dave Hadley, and the blissful harmonies and percussion of Ed Hough. The unique instrumentation and rich sonic palate creates an instantly engaging sound. The band’s style ranges from a sublimely sweet to a psychedelic rockin’ sound. Cris’ prolific songbook provides the fertile ground for this amazing group of players. With the band’s monster chops and improvisational fearlessness, Cris Jacobs Band can create a truly transcendental live experience.