Art Of The Archtop


The Art of the Archtop celebrates the beauty and sound of the acoustic archtop guitar… and in this case, the priceless Stromberg and D’Angelico guitars mastered by Ranger Doug and Andy Reiss. Although Nashville is not known primarily for acoustic swing, there is a well-developed community of players who delight in each other’s talents in this field, and it is from this pool that Ranger Doug and Andy Reissmet and discovered their mutual love of the sound of the unamplified archtop guitar! Little did they know what a stir they were to cause in the world of jazz and swing, for the CD they recorded has garnered enormous popular and critical acclaim.

Ranger Doug is considered one of the premier rhythm guitarists in the country, and has been featured in books and videos on the subject. An eleven year veteran of theTime Jumpers in the rhythm guitar chair, he is better known as the founding member of Riders In The Sky, the Grammy Award-winning quartet, who have toured the world, played the Hollywood Bowl, had their own CBS television show, and have recorded close to 40 albums, as well as appearing in “Toy Story 2” and other feature. With the Art of the Archtop presentation, he will sing standards in his mellifluous baritone as well as play the strongest rhythm on the planet!

Andy Reiss is considered Nashville’s premier swing and jazz guitarist, and is conversant in virtually every style, acoustic and electric, from bebop to hard country. He is a twelve year member of the Grammy nominated Time Jumpers, the common denominator among these two outstanding musicians. He has toured with Reba McIntyre and many others, and has hundreds of recordings with a myriad of artists over his three decade career. Andy’s mastery of the acoustic archtop guitar is breathtaking, and will doubtless be the highlight of an Art of the Archtop concert.

The intangible factor here is not only how much these men love the classic sound of acoustic instruments, but how much they admire and love each other’s playing. It showed on CD and it shows on stage, as they share the classic swing catalogue with the audience, and with each other, in an evening showcasing the glory of the acoustic archtop guitar, and men who so truly love playing in that setting, and sharing that glory!



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